Redfish pics and vid

It was gorgeous out tonight.  The wind laid down to nothing and there were some nice fish on a flat in the back of a couple of little narrow creeks where the gill netters don’t go.  This big one is pushing 28 inches.  Saw it tailing about 60 yards out.  Got out of the boat and waded over.  Perfect crossing shot.  I dropped the little crabby about 5 feet out and he swam right over just as pretty as you please and sucked it in.  Ran to my backing.  I got this pic:


Sunset red
Sunset red

I also messed around with shooting some video even though I was by myself.  You may like this.  The shot of the hook up was taken with the camera on a strap hanging around my neck just to see what would happen.  Pretty funny really.

I have August 23 open for tailers.


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