Sunset red

Setting sun and rising water are a magical combination in the spartina marshes of the NC coast. The lowered temperatures of late in the day and…. Oh forget that Flip Pallot crap. I went out last night on the rising tide. It was great. There are still a couple creeks with reds in them that I know of. Is it a coincidence that the gillnetters don’t hit them and there are fish in them while the ones they net regularly are pretty devoid of reds?
This one flat was pretty much covered up in them. I pulled the boat onto a grassy patch and got out. I caught the first fish I spotted with one cast. Got a little hubris and blew the next two. Paid my dues back to the fishing gods and ended up catching three (with a nice 28 incher around 8 – 9 lbs) and pretty much had fish working all around me as the sun went down and it got too dark too see.
I took this pic of the first fish with my cell phone while I was still close enough to the boat.

Cell Phone Redfish
Cell Phone Redfish

All the rest I was aways from the boat and did not bother to go back to get a camera.


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