Labor Day Red

Labor Dayredfish
Labor Dayredfish

Got this fella and a few of his buddies yesterday. You should see them pounce on the fly. There were two off them together. I walked up to the closest one and dropped it right smack on his face and he slurped it right up. Took off and ran straight past me. I landed him and looked up and the other one was still there. On the one in the picture I was wading a grass flat and dropped my fly about 2 feet in front of him. About 60 feet out. This provoked an immediate attacked as if it were the best thing he had seen in days. When he figured out what was wrong, he bolted like a thoroughbred at the bell. Also got a 28 incher that was feeding on shrimp in a channel. Outgoing tide amongst a school of 14 inchers. I had just caught and released two and there were some small lady fish that could not get the fly in their mouths. All of a sudden the ladyfish just scattered and the big girl came up and rolled right over on it. She towed my skiff for 50 yds before I got her in. Finally had another big’un that busted 12 lb test like sewing thread when it got sideways going through a grass patch.

I did not see another angler near the spots I was fishing even though there were more boats running around than I had seen all year.

Good tides coming up on the following dates: September 20,27,28. October 4,5. After that it’s all over for tailers until next April.
There will be opportunities to sight fish for cruising fish in November due to the clearing of the water that we get when it cools off at that time. Also trout fishing will get good at that time on the beach and in the channels. I do some good combo fishing then, reds on the mudflats and trout in the channels, based on the tides.


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