Belize gets it.

This from Midcurrent. Belize has granted gamefish status to bonefish, tarpon and permit. They realize the value of fish in the water. Something that a lot of states in the US really need to pay attention to:

September 9, 2008


The Cabinet of Belize has approved landmark legislation instituting “Catch and Release” status for bonefish, permit and tarpon. According to the legislation, “these three species may not be possessed by any person or establishment for any purpose save and except in the act of catch and release.”

Additionally, the government has instituted a fishing license with monies earmarked for enforcement of Fisheries Regulations.

Media Note: For additional information on this legislation and its impact on fishing, contact Craig Hayes at Turneffe Flats – 623-742-3920.

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Chatsworth, California 91311
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Midcurrent is the best fishing blog there is.


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