Gill net video redux

This is the video I shot last summer that started all the furor about gill net videos. The person who set it got a ticket based on the video and it made the local tv news and the paper. I got all kinds of friendly feedback from the local netters both on the web and in the paper.
The thing that has caused me to bring this up is the latest comment I received just today. Check this out:

paulcorsaa, Dude your a fucking dumbass fuck off and let the commerical fisherman feed their families.

captgordon,This is such a thoughtful and intelligent response. It is obvious that I am no match for your intellectual prowess.

Is it any wonder that I have a hard time working up any sympathy? If you think that you have what it takes to match wits with Mr Corsaa then please feel free to do so.


2 thoughts on “Gill net video redux

  1. That response is so typical of the nonsense that we deal with in the fight to conserve our fisheries.

    This isn’t a fight against noble, hard-working and forward thinking people…it is against an small contingent of ignorant and violent individuals who refuse to change their habits in any which way. These people would not even change their fishing methods if it put more money in their pocket.

    It’s all about “just enough money to get you to tomorrow” – it’s sad, and our fisheries will not be around forever at the hands of such ignorance.

  2. Ed M

    Florida banned ALL inshore netting a few years back and it improved the fishing immensely. It also eliminated by-catch mortality of non-target species. So, what’s going to end up happening here is a similar ban as more folks get fed up with such egregious waste. It will take more personal responsibility on the part of the fishermen if they are to prevent a Florida-type ban.

    I support commercial fishing as long as it preserves the environment. A lot of folks were put out of business because of their employment of wasteful techniques. Regardless of their needs, a groundswell of opinion against them will shut them down. Only the fishermen can prevent it.

    If they want to stay in business, they’ll have to step up to the plate and prevent bad publicity.

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