2008 in review

March started out the 2008 fishing season in fine form with a brand new boat!
copperhead skiff
With a 5 1/2 to 6 inch draft it promised to be a great tool for getting to the fish we wanted to find.

In April and May we saw large numbers of waving tails which resulted in some of our nicest flyrod catches of the year:

June was like a kiss on the forehead:
Kiss Me Red Dawg!

July was there things started to get ugly when the rising price of gas at the pump and flounder at the docks started to see a real increase in the number of nets we were seeing in the shallows. I had numerous altercations with one guy in particular and by all accounts there were more nets in the water from the north end of Core Creek to Topsail than anybody had ever seen. We are currently working on a solution and I will be presenting something soon. In the meantime, if you are a Facebook person, check out the group I started:

I am asking all people to consider one thing before hiring an inshore guide in North Carolina this year, ask him straight up what he thinks of inshore entanglement netting. If he says anything that seems to give you the idea that he isn’t 100% opposed to them, then move on. You will be surprised by the responses you get. Maybe one of you will just go ahead and email or call a few of the more prominent ones and see what you find out and let me know. I already have a pretty good idea that you will be shocked to hear their answers.

In August, September and October we found that many of our areas that were depleted during June and July began seeing more fish as the migrations began. And we finished the season on a high note.
Nice one!

Along with the myriad of photos I also got a couple decent videos this past year:

Here’s hoping that you see plenty of this in 2009:


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