Add another log to the (gill net) fire

This guy wrote a series of articles for the Rocky Mt newspaper this summer. He tried to be fair and a good reporter and not pick sides. Well it looks like the netters got to him and showed their true nature. This has to stop!

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2 thoughts on “Add another log to the (gill net) fire

  1. Banning inshore netting took place in Florida and the fish stocks have recovered remarkably. While recreational anglers tend to keep only a few fish (and it would seem decreasing some bag limits would be sensible), commercial fishing by its very nature is destructive, sometime totally so.

    I hate to see hard working folks put out of business, but the reality of the situation–shrinking resources being further impacted by non-selective harvesting–is that there will be nothing to catch if current harvesting practices continue.

    Times change and so do conditions. It’s time to stop indiscriminate inshore netting.

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