The time has come


The Facebook causes thing has been a great way to get people all in the same virtual space. Now it is time to start doing something. This is an easy way to get started. Our new Governor Bev Perdue has stated that she would be interested in talking about making the red drum a gamefish in NC. We need to start holding her to this. To that effect we need to begin with an email campaign. If everybody who receives this message sends her something stating that we want red drum to be made into a gamefish to stop targeting and sale of them by gill netters and others it will be a giant step in the right direction. We also need to message our local legislators. If you live out of state mention that while NC is not a place you will choose to spend your hard earned dollars on vacation if something is not done. Contact Ms. Perdue at

If enough of us step up to get this started, it may actually happen.


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