I get letters…

Got this email today:

Really enjoy your blog…thanks!
I have recently been introduced to kayak fishing in the Lynnhaven inlet and River in Virginia Beach.  Had a great time and want to do more.  The guy that took me is predominantly a bait fisherman and really has no idea what to present to the various species in the way of flies.  We caught one small red and one small flounder.  The reds are there, and so are the flounder.  The specs will come eventually, I guess.
Can you give me some ideas on flies, as well as line and leader choices?
If you are not familiar with the Lynnhaven, let me know and I’ll give you as fair a description as I can.

This is a common occurrence.  Somebody who wants to catch a fish on a flyrod gets out on a boat or gets shown around by somebody who doesn’t really care about flyfishing.  Two things can happen here.  1.  The person sees the true potential and goes in search of people and other resources that can get him pointed in the right direction.  Hopefully Jeff realizes the learning curve associated with flyfishing for reds and keeps at it. 2. The person is told that flyfishing is useless and “These fish don’t bite flies.”  Don’t believe it.  Any fish that will eat a retrieved lure will hit a fly in the right situation.  For reds I prefer water that is barely deep enough to float my skiff so that when the fish feed and move around aggressively they make a disturbance or they tail.  A bite is still not guaranteed.  Shallow water fishing is difficult.  Keep at it Jeff.  Let us know how you do.



I am heading out for tailers this evening.


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