Video showing disregard netters have for ….anything

I am continually amazed by the lack of regard some netters have for their quarry, rules regulating their actions and the agencies that regulate them. All three of those things are shown with amazing clarity in this video. Listen as the person shooting the video calls the NMFS a lovely name, spout off about how NMFS doesn’t know anything and then uses a stick with a nail on the end of it it to cull out the parts of their catch that they have to release… and complain about it the whole time. These people do not care about the fish in the water. To them a fish swimming is a wasted opportunity. They look at fish the same way a logger looks at logs and a miner looks at oil in the ground. If it’s out there, it needs to taken and sold. Never mind preserving any for the next time or any kind of conservation. Kill all you can today and never mind tomorrow. Caution: this video has some “lovely” language.
Thanks to Capt Tom Roller for digging this up.


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