Gear Review with video- Waterproof Cell phone case-DiCaPac® Mobile Pack

I have lost 4 phones the past two years due to water related accidents.  Let me just tell you that cell phones and saltwater do not mix.  The poor phone goes through these death throes and vibrates and shakes like crazy as all the wiring is affected by the minerals in the saltwater.  It finally gets really hot and the last time I did it there was actually smoke from inside the camera.  No amount of soaking in rice or taking out the battery to dry it will help with an phone immersed in saltwater.  That is why when I saw this product I was so excited.  It promised to protect my phone from any water intrusion at all, even to the point of saying the phone can be used underwater.  I don’t know about you, but I find it difficult to speak underwater. they probably mean to use  camera, or maybe the manufacturers see a future race of merpeople needing mobile phones in Atlantis.

Anyway I shot this little video.  Not exactly a pro videographer, but you’ll get the point:

I also used the case on my current phone that is activated and had a rather lengthy conversation with a fellow guide friend of mine who just happened to be driving past a major electronics chain store.  He went right inside and checked them out as we were talking.  He said sound quality was good on his end.  On my end it sounded just like I was talking to somebody on the phone through a plastic waterproof membrane. I could hear him plainly and had no trouble understanding him. Overall I would rate this product to be exactly what it says it is.  I am not planning on purposely dunking my phone in saltwater but I usually carry it in my pocket when I am fishing.  My accidents have occurred when I have had to get out of the boat quickly for whatever reason. With this case I will have one less thing to worry about.

Chek out the cases here: Product Page

…and their full line of stuff here: Accessory Geeks


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