Gear Giveaway!

I got that Dicapac cell phone case last week.  Well if you watch the video I mention that I got a new phone right before it came.  It was time for an upgrade and well.. the case doesn’t fit my new phone.  The case is for a clam shell phone. If you want it tell me a story in comments.  What happened to you that a waterproof cell phone case would be something that would make your life more complete? Starting now!


3 thoughts on “Gear Giveaway!

  1. Heath Cartee

    This occured last year on a saltwater trip to Louisiana. We had fished the day before and it was a great day of fishing. The weather and tides were perfect and many red fish and seatrout were brought to the boat. I was a newbie at salt water and so I didnt do as well as everyone else but got the hang of it toward the end of the day. I knew that today was going to be better and so I brought my phone along to take pictures and send them back to my buddies who could not go, to tease them about not being there. The day started out rough and blustery and it was easy to tell that it was not going to be the same kind of day on the water. As we were leaving the dock my phone rang and I remembered that I had forgot to put it on vibrate. This was a major foul as the older gentelman I was fishing with cares very little for cell phones and even less for them ringing durring a fishing trip. I apologized profusely and agreed to turn off the phone and put it down in the water tight section of the boat. However I did not ask which section was water tight and assumed that all storage areas were. When we got to the spot off an oyster bed where we had caught a limit of sea trout the day before we tied up to an old sunken dock and began to wade fish as we had done the previous day. Suddenly the weather kicked up hard and we headed back accross the bar to reach the boat. When we saw the boat we could see that the waves were washing over it and the back end was arealy submerged. With alot of work I and the two other guys got the boat untied and out in the open water. As I was the heavyest I was voulenteered to sit on the front of the boat while we took off wide open across rough water with the drain plugs pulled. They nearly beat me to death, but we got all the water out of the boat, put the drain plugs back in and stayed inside the marsh and out of the open water for the rest of today. Needless to say but my phone was not in a water proof hold. It and my wallet were soaked with Louisiana salt water. Unfourtunatley this was not the last phone I lost to water, as I fly fish and guide in the N.C. mountians. After several more I now carry a waterproof camera and just e-mail my envy pictures when I get home.

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