They are going to try to highjack our gill net ban!

These public comment periods are really a time for the rubber boot crowd to flock in to the meeting and raise all kinds of hell. Woe to anybody who says anything that opposes them. They will give you the stink eye and then try to start a fight in the parking lot while the DMF officers pretend that it’s not happening. If you decide to attend this meeting then I suggest you not go alone. If you speak in support of the gill net ban they will go out of their way to threaten you. Last time I went I got the stink eye, got followed home and had my doorbell rung at 11 pm right at the exact time we turned off the lights. Get a bunch of guys together. Meet somewhere and all drive together in the same vehicle. State your case. Wait for the meeting to break and all go out together. The rubber boot guys will be out in force and complaining about how we are stealing their way of life etc, etc, etc ad nauseum. I am going to find some data about how much money the commercial fishing industry is worth in Louisiana and Florida where there are no gill nets and see how wrong these guys are.


MOREHEAD CITY – The N.C. Marine Fisheries Commission will meet Feb. 18 in New Bern to discuss issues related to a proposed gill net closure.

The meeting is set for 1 p.m. at the New Bern Riverfront Convention Center, 203 S. Front St., New Bern.

The commission will take public comments regarding a proposed May 15-Dec 15 closure of large-mesh gill net fishing in most inshore waters of the state south of Oregon Inlet. The division has proposed the closure to address a notification from the National Marine Fisheries Service of unauthorized takes of threatened and endangered sea turtles that have been observed in the large mesh gill net fishery in state waters.


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