NC Gill Net News

A good article by Jeffrey Weeks about what is going on with the gill nets here in NC. Apparently the ban that we thought we were going to have was rescinded, highjacked if you will, when they had a MFC (marine fisheries commission) meeting back in February. Now they have come up with what they think is a compromise but it’s more of the same old if you ask me. They have even INCREASED the number of reds they will be allowed to keep per trip from 7 to 10. I give them the old Mcenroe for that one: “You cannot be serious!!!”

At the same time that Bizzell is trying to appease those in the turtle lawsuit, he has to deal with questions from commercial fishermen worried about their jobs.
In an effort to give them some relief the MFC also voted to allow commercial fishermen to keep 10 red drum (instead of the current limit of 7) when they catch them as by-catch in their nets. However, Bizzell said the overall harvest numbers for red drum and flounder must come down.

Anyway here is the link:


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