True value of sport fishing


From Midcurrent via Bonefish and Tarpon Trust come this story about the value of sport fishing in the Bahamas:

This study shows recreational flats fishing in The Bahamas plays a large and important role in the economy of The Bahamas. This fishery and its associated economy can be maintained through good conservation of coastal habitats, water quality, and protection of fish populations. With responsible conservation and management, this fishery can continue to be an important economic engine for The Bahamas, especially on the Family Islands, where the bonefish fishery is both economically and culturally important.

It would be pretty amazing if the NC MFC would take date like this seriously because the amount of revenue a really thriving recreational fishery would bring in to our coastal waters would dwarf any amount that commercial fishing could ever bring in. The amazing thing is that even with the almost unfettered gill netting that has been going on here for years that the fishing is still as good as it is at times. Get rid of the nets and this would be a world class destination that would blow places like Texas and Louisiana away if only for the fact that our waters here are so much more accessible to so many more people.

PS The pic at the top is just a reward for coming to my blog.


One thought on “True value of sport fishing

  1. leavecincy

    I’m surprised no one has taken the bait. A dish like that holding a bone fish. All you need is to have a few Buds floating around her and travel to the Keys would double.

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