First redfish of the year for me…

Guys further south, and some who fish all winter around here, will not be impressed, but I got my first red of the year on fly today. I hit a few spots. First spot seemed to be devoid of all life. Second spot I bumped a school and was never able to get around them again. Third spot had some fish feeding in an outflow. Couldn’t really see the fish but I could tell they were there. I made a few casts and was getting ready to move. Was looking around for something else when I looked back and there was a big swirl where my fly had been. Came tight and there he was! They fight so well this time of year. He took out all my line I had coiled in the basket and then ran 20 more yards. Finally got him in. Couple quick snappies and sent him home. Hopefully this is the beginning of a beautiful fishing season for me.


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