Redfish Can’t Jump DVD’s for sale

redfish cant jump

Capt Seth Vernon sent me this email today:

Friends & Anglers,
I have Redfish Can’t Jump DVDs in my posession in Wilmington. Cost is $25 a dvd for tons of action packed redfish footage from the Cape Fear Coast. Luke did an amazing job on the final edit, the extras and the packaging I’m really elated at the final product. Let me know if you would like a copy and where to deliver it/meet you in Wilmington.
Also we are hosting two more screenings, one this Friday April 16th at Turnage Theatre in Washington, NC and another at UNCW in Lumina Theater with UNCW Presents on Sunday April 18th at 7pm. If you would like to come to either showing and purchase a copy after the show we’d love to see you there!
I also have shirts, hats and stickers which you can preview on our website at If you are in Wilmington, call or email me for delivery of your merch so you don’t have to pay shipping online.
Again I want to thank so many of you for all of the support of our marine resources, your efforts to preserve and enhance our environment and for supporting local film. Thank you!

Captain Seth Vernon~

So… ya know… contact Seth and get a DVD already… here is his email- … why are you still here…


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