Louisiana situation not good at all

oil spill

I heard from Travis Holeman down in Hopedale, LA:

Fishing closed as of 6 pm today.. future not good. First the plankton dies then everything else in the water not to mention the wildlife above. Trying to clean up marsh will only destroy it. Complete cluster.. Nothing at is being done physically to stop the oil as on today and it hits tomorrow. It is already lost.

Then there is this:
LA oil spill will be worse than Exxon Valdez

I think we are looking at the worst ecological disaster of our lifetime…


4 thoughts on “Louisiana situation not good at all

  1. It’s a disaster. There’s not much you can do to stop an oil spill. Hopefully it
    doesn’t do any further damage. It’s game over if the oil enters the marshes. Redfishing would be down the drain… 😦

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  3. this oil slick is going to destroy the local fishery. local businesses and fishermen will also get a hard time coming there way. what im curious about is how the heck will BP repay all of these people for the damages they have caused

  4. captgordon

    BP is not going to have to pay back because they are only liable for $75 M and I am sure there is already over $1B of damage.

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