New report from on the water down in Louisiana

Travis Holeman posted this to his Facebook page today:
dead fish

Eloi Bay is on the very outside of the marsh… Far east. Notice the size of the fish. Small and unable to run from oil and dispersants. We had high South winds today pushing the dead fish north. I sure hope the mature adult fish will move in the gulf to an unaffected area. I happened on about the same scene today…. Birds working a cove turned out to be birds feeding on dead fish…… So sad. It really is going to be worse than one can imagine. My happy inner soul is drowning in oil.. Really sucks.

Here is the link to a full article from a New Orleans news source:

So when some butt head congressman who is obviously on the payroll of BP or some other oil company sits there and tells me with a straight face that “It’s really not so bad,” I can just smack him on the head and call him a liar and a toady… because that guy from Mississippi that said that last week is a real toady.


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