Do you know what “bumping” refers to as it pertains to redfishing? It is the practice of driving ones boat around on known redfish flats in the hopes that a school of fish will be spooked out and create “bumps” on the surface of the water and therefore be easy to locate once they calm down. Seems simple enough. However, this tears up the grass bottom and pretty much ruins the entire area for anybody else who is trying to fish the area. It seems that I am over run with people without any class lately. The truly ironic part is of course that the guy doing it today is somebody who thinks pretty highly of himself around here and would tell you that what really happened was that you were the one that was actually doing something wrong and you were getting in his way and messing up his fishing. (the picture above is not of the actual person who did it but this is the kind of boat he has)

UPDATE: Apparently they call it burning too. As in “Burning the flat for everybody else and not caring about anybody but yourself.”


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