Negative Low Tide

Picture of crawling reds by Capt Ron Begnaud

A negative low tide is when the water is going to actually be lower than the average depth at a normal low. For boaters this means caution is needed when navigating through unfamiliar waters. For a flyrodder looking for redfish in an area that does not have very clear water (like around here) this means that the flats that are usually under three to 4 feet of water may end up being devoid of water or have only a couple inches. This tends to concentrate the fish. I also like to look for crawlers on negative lows. Found some today in fact. It was near 100 º F but there they were. A school of them working the edge of a shallow channel and busting small minnows along a shoreline. It was actually too shallow for me to get my boat back to where I could see them, but this was actually in a spot where the bottom is firm enough to wade. Many people don’t realize this because it’s usually too deep and if they can get out if the water is deep enough to float their boat, the mud out there will suck them down. So again the little Copperhead gets me shallow enough to get to them.
I was able to actually watch the fish as they ran into the shallows with their backs and tails out. One time there were about a dozen fish in water so shallow that when they tried to eat my fly they had to turn sideways and could not get the fly in their mouth. The picture above was taken by Capt Ron Begnaud of Louisiana and that was pretty much what I was looking at today. I was using a new fly for me, based on one i read about years ago called a Numero Uno. The one I tied is just some gold foil wrapped around the hook with a bunch of orange sili legs sticking out. They seemed to like it.
It was a good day out but now it sure is nice to be sitting in the A/C and sipping an ice cold Diet Mtn Dew.

One thought on “Negative Low Tide

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