West Marine : Good service

west marine
I have been a West Marine “Silver Advantage” member for a number of years now (turns out since 2003). Never have I ever seen a huge benefit to it. They send me catalogs to announce “sales” but I have never gotten any of the benefits they list when you sign up. Today I finally saw one. Last summer I bought a new hook and winch strap assembly for my boat trailer. The old one had rusted out on the little clip. Well… the new one did the same thing last week and I finally went in to get a new one today. Looking at the package I noticed it said that it was guaranteed for 3 years. I go to the store manager who happens to be standing right there and ask him about it and mention to him that I am an advantage member but don’t have a receipt. He asks me my phone number (which is how they keep track of these things) and there is a list of every transaction I have done at West Marine since 2003. He looks at last summer and there is my purchase of the trailer winch strap assembly. He fills out an exchange for me on the spot. The new one is $5.00 more because they have apparently “improved” it. We’ll see. But for now let me say that I am pleased with the way this worked out!


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