Redfish rundown

Red head
Got this fish this morning. Pretty nice action. Saw the fish tail in the back of the creek. Poled back there. I was poling from the bow like I normally do when fishing alone (although Will was with me shooting some video). Last push of the pole swings the boat around. First cast is short. Next cast the fish changes direction as the fly is in the air. Next cast I put it down and thought it was too close but the fish had turned at the last second. As the fly hit the water the fish turned on it and I made it wiggle a little bit. He then made one sweep of his tail and slurped it right in. I thought it was going to break the line as he turned 90 degrees and got it wrapped around a bunch of grass but it all held together. A few tense moments. In for a photo and back to the watery world.


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