Crawling redfish (in the water) photos

another crawler

This is what a crawling redfish looks like. These fish are really spooky and tough to get close too. Minimum cast of 70 feet is required. Then, even if you are dead accurate, which isn’t that important because they can see a ways like this, there is no guarantee they will eat it. This was demonstrated to me on three separate occasions this morning. Strike three! I was out. You don’t get many chances because every time you move the boat you end up spooking another fish or two that you didn’t even know was there. I prefer to get into an area shallow enough to allow them to be seen in this manner. It’s about 4 inches deep. My Copperhead skiff just bottoms out. Then I wait until something comes close enough. A couple times I casted out to fish that I thought I saw out at 80 feet and ended up lining fish at 60. That usually puts them out of action. It’s fun to see them, and in flyfishing for reds around here, seeing them is at least half the battle.


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