Epic epic of epic redfishing epicness

Really got into them this morning. After finding a couple locations where some big schools of reds were holing up on the low tide and feeding on shrimp and not being happy with the shrimp imitation I was using, I did some strategizing and some tying and went back at them today. If you have ever flats fished i.e. sight fished, for redfish with a fly rod, you know it can be kind of tricky. Normally if I catch a couple fish I am well pleased and to get three or four in a tide is quite an accomplishment. Today I stopped at ten and could have gotten more if I didn’t finally decide that 10 was a nice round number, and that to leave the rest of the fish alone in that school as the water dropped out was a better decision than catching a couple more. They were sliding across the flats and swirling on shrimp. You’d see their backs and tails out of the water and then “Pop!” and a shrimp would meet it’s untimely end. It was a matter of being able to pick out the swirls of the fish from the swirls of the minnows, shrimp and whatever else was in there and casting to the correct end. Then you had to be careful of not lining a bunch of other fish as you cast to the one you saw because they can hide right in front of you. Needless to say it was a fun morning.


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