Red Drum taken off the menu in Carteret County

red on ice
On the surface this is a good story about how local activism works. Some folks around here educated a restaurant owner chef about how the red drum harvest works and got them taken off the menu. Good job.

Read a little deeper and this is a classic example of biased journalism from the Carteret News Times here in Morehead City. Read the article and pick up the slant towards the commercial fisherman just trying to make a living and the evil recreational anglers who want all the fish for themselves. Never mind the fact that the netters are the ones who have run themselves into the ground and don’t seem to care. There is a nice number of reds and flounder that have recovered due to the net restrictions for the turtles. They want to be able to go back and wipe them out again. The comments at the bottom kind of say all you need to know about our local netters.


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