New speckled trout regulations

Something needed to be done and it should have been more than this, but as with all things concerning fisheries regulations in NC we have to take what we can get. Read the article and see the names of the people who are saying this didn’t need to be done, all is well and etc… ad nauseum. Those are the people who have been standing by while the gillnetters have been destroying everything also. You will be pretty surprised at the names you notice:
Speckled trout regs article from Carteret News Times


One thought on “New speckled trout regulations

  1. mike shiver

    Sounds very familiar…same thing happened in Fla until trout stocks were almost decimated they couldn’t take anymore abuse…..Once they were gamefish and the nets banned that they really were able to rebound…..I have seen it go from where you couldn’t hardly catch a 12 incher to where catching 24 inchers is so common its unreal…….if the nets are gone the fish will return… long as the nets remain even with regs….the commercial fishermen will always cheat with disregard for the fish

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