Better late than never…

…so back in October I caught this beast:
45 lb Jack
The biggest fish I have caught on a flyrod in North Carolina. It’s a Jack Crevalle. I didn’t really tell the story of what happened that day too well so I thought I would relay it here. First of all let me point out that almost every year these fish make a one or two day appearance along the beaches from Emerald Isle to Cape Lookout. They come blitzing in and then they are gone. I always heard about it from somebody else. This year I was there when it happened. Now some anglers will try to tell you there is some secret to catching these fish on fly. There is actually. It’s to be there when the fish show up! If you can make a cast of some type of fly of a similar size and shape to what they are chasing you will most likely get bit. Anybody that tells you different is full of it. I say this because some of our distinguished flyrodder types were making known their expertise in catching jacks on fly in the days following this event. Oh yeah, the other secret is to not be using a 6 or 8 wt flyrod for these things. I had a 10 wt and wished I had more.
So anyways my fishing buddy Pete Paschall and I were running down from Atlantic Beach looking for false albacore. It was a gorgeous morning with a light breeze. The water was smooth. We were almost down to the Sheraton when we saw what looked like a solid wave of silver come out of the water about 100 or so yards in front of us.
“I think we need to check that out,” said Pete. I concurred. He stopped the boat and I grabbed my trusty 10 wt G Loomis with a SA saltwater taper line rigged with a size 1/0 Blados Crease Fly I had tied and a 20 lb. flourocarbon tippet. We heard another loud splash and turned just in time to see very large shapes hitting something on the surface.
“Were those dolphins? Cause they sure weren’t albies!”
I turned around again and looked towards the beach and the water was exploding with the shapes of giant fish crushing baitfish for 40 yards in either direction. I quickly shot out a cast of about 70 feet towards the closest bunch. I stripped the fly two times and a huge head rolled over on the fly and kept on going. I pulled tight to the fish and immediately my reel began to scream as the flyline and backing dissapeared in a hurry. Pete meantime was getting his rod out and while I wanted him to hook one also, if he didn’t give chase in 10 seconds this fish was going to spool me.
“You got it.” And we gave chase.
The fun was worn our after about 5 minutes as it quickly became a slug match and I worried about my backing knot coming loose and my rod breaking. Thankfully neither of those things happened…


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