Cool old video showing what it was like before gill nets… not that long ago

I received this email from Capt Seth Vernon:

A good friend of mine who is close to the Gamefish issue sent me this “blast from the past” video of Southern Sportsman Franc White. The commentary is haunting as Franc takes us aboard a small outboard skiff into the heart of the Pamlico Sound and describes the dangers the fishery is facing today, circa 1993 Franc then takes the viewer on a rare “look back” where he takes the us on the same trip but fifteen years before to illustrate how prolific the fishing was in the 70’s compared to the 90’s or present day when this aired.

I picture my friend who in 1993 was 12 years of age sitting on the floor in front of the tv set watching Franc’s adventure with wide eyes. He doubtfully knew then what a trawl was or even a gill net and likely did not understand he would never see the days of being able to keep a cooler full of fish, much less gray trout, like Franc did in the 70’s. This same young man now has a home on the Pamlico and is raising a family. He, like so many other sportsmen and women, is not going to sit idly by and watch the future of NC fisheries be treated with favortism to the commercial industry and destructive fishing gear practices for one more day much less another 20 years.

If you don’t know your history, the gray trout in NC are gone, it’s too late to save them. The redfish, spotted sea trout and striped bass in this state still have a fighting chance. The time to act is now. The coastal gamefish bill is the catalyst for insuring that our fisheries will be properly managed and in tact for future generations. I urge you to watch this video and consider the weight of Franc Whites’ words as they relate to the issues at hand today.

It’s worth checking out the clip. The fishing he does in 1993 is about what we have today. Then he goes back 15 years before and they are thick. The difference, the large mesh gill nets and “shrimp” trawlers. Check it out, skip through the first segment which is a cooking demo.


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