Trip report: Fishing with Chris

I called my buddy Pete to see if he wanted to catch a good low tide in his backyard on Sunday. He was going to be out of town. Pete didn’t mind if I went to his spot without him so I called Chris and we rolled out. Murphy my dog thought we were going bird hunting:


We got out to the area and worked our way to the spot. With this winter Redfishing the fish get into big schools. The idea is to cover a lot of area ad when you find the fish, you have Found the Fish. It’s hard work but you can catch a lot of fish when it all comes together. We found them using soft plastics on spinning rods:


Then we switched over to fly rods and it was game on:



Capped it off with this over slot fish that didn’t want to come in for this photo opp.
Soon I’ll post up some video I shot. It was really great!


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