Ask a fishing guide about gill nets

Do you fish with light tackle fishing guides in North Carolina?  If not would you like to? Have you ever?  Before you charter a day with a guide in North Carolina here is a question you need to ask him; “How do you feel about gill nets and gamefish status for red drum, stripers and trout?”  If he says anything other than; “Gill nets need to go away and we need gamefish status.” (or something to that effect), say thank you and hang up the phone. There are a couple of very prominent fishing guides here in this state that have odd ideas about gill nets and gamefish.  I’m not sure how anybody who makes a living pursuing inshore finfish with a hook and line would feel anything but disdain for gill nets but then again….actually, not then again.  That’s it.  Even one of our most esteemed inshore guides in NC is dead set against these issues.  He is the most well known and if you think about it long enough you will figure out who he is.  Go ahead, call him today and ask him.  See what he says.


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