What’s the champion fish for fly anglers?- Jack Crevalle?

I thought I would expand on my post last week and add a brief story, a snyopsis if you will, of any encounters I have had with the fish I have listed. The first one I will synopsize is the Jack Crevalle:

Most of my encounters with jacks have always been of the smaller varieties. Sometimes we’ll see a run of them around here in the late summer. I caught a decent sized one, about 15 lbs I’d guess now, back in college days on spring break. But I had never gotten anything on fly that was too amazing. That all changed one fateful day….I’m not going to bore you with all the details…
(you can read all about it here)
but suffice it to say that I caught one in the 50lb range that took me every bit of an hour to bring in on a 10 wt flyrod with 20 lb tippet a few years ago. It was the most determined fish I have ever had on. It refused to quit and I was more afraid of my rod breaking than anything else.



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