Fly design and tying for the flats: Part Four- Designing a specific fly for a specific situation

In which we talk about a fly that will work in our specific scenario:

We have figured out what prey species we need to copy, and of course now you want to “invent” a brand new fly to imitate them. Great! Keep in mind before you go naming your “new” fly after yourself, that most innovations in flytying have already taken place. The real new stuff is in the materials that we have available to use and some tools and adhesives that seem to keep popping up. Most of the new flies I see are merely re-inventions. Having said that, there are some cool new flies out there and I am pretty impressed with quite a bit of what I am seeing. There is indeed nothing wrong with using your imagination to imitate something you are seeing and not able to find. That is most of the fun of flytying, seeing it in the wild and then making it at your desk. Let’s think about a shrimp fly…shrimp are readily available to the fish and it seems that everything out there eats them. A lot of shrimp patterns we see are either way too complicated and hyper realistic or not very realistic at all. Many times what works best is a fly that creates an impression of the shrimp or other prey item. I believe Monet would have been a great fly tier. In our scenario we are talking about fishing clear flats in a foot or less of water with sandy bottom. In this situation we want a fly that is not too bright, that looks pretty realistic, sinks quickly without being too heavy (which would make them difficult to cast and land noisily) and we probably don’t need to worry about weeds. This will make this fly very specific.


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