HB 893- Coastal Gamefish Bill coming right up

It’s been introduced in the house and we can’t let it die this time.  A lot of half truths and outright lies are being spoken by the commercial lobby.  Things like how people won’t be able to buy NC caught fish anymore.  That’s dumb because almost all the fish caught in this state get trucked to NY city anyway. There are a couple people selling local but not many. They are saying how this will destroy local communities.  That’s dumb because with more fish in the water more people will come to those communities to go fishing and spend their money there and those communities will actually be better off than they were before. They are also saying that all the fish caught in the nets were going to die anyways so why should they let them go.  That’s dumb because a number of years ago I used to go to these meetings, and even watched a film, that stated that flounder gill nets select for size and only catch flounder.  They are saying how this will be destructive to our state economy. That’s dumb because if I own a hotel or restaurant in a coastal community I am excited by the prospect of all the people who don’t come NC and go fishing in SC, Louisiana, Virginia or Florida and are now coming here instead.  So that is a run down of some dumb things you will be hearing.


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