Fishing in NC’s gill net restricted areas is much better

So if you had two productive estuary systems in close proximity to each other and one was subjected to a nightly barrage of gill nets strung almost end to end and the other with no such pressure which one would you say would have more fish in it?  Right, kind of a no brainer right?  And why would you say was the reason for said preponderance of marine life?  If you said the absence of gill nets you would be correct.  However try telling that to the gill net defenders here in good old NC.  They can’t even begin or want to put the pieces together.  In the heavily netted area, if you can find a flounder or a red drum you have made a miraculous discovery.  In the area without nets it is another world, a glimpse into what a thriving healthy estuary would look like if netters would just go away and stay away. The economic impact of this area being allowed to become the world class fishery that it has the potential to become is mind boggling. Miles of shallow grass flats and while the fish are not everywhere, there are enough to make it seem like a different plane altogether.  In these shallow areas it is all too easy for the fish to simply disappear under heavy netting pressure and for years that was what it was.  There was never anything there but houndfish and pinfish by the millions.  Now it is getting to be a common sight to see things like this:


and not this:


or this:




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