Great day of saltwater flyfishing for redfish in NC.

It was incredible! No hyperbole at all.

Started out slowly. It was a high tide falling out, starting around 7 and ending around 1. Water was high when I got there so I was tossing a topwater plug. Worked through some familiar water with no bites. Decided to head up a back channel. As soon as I turned in, a nice fish slammed the Rapala Skitterwalk like it hadn’t seen anything better….well, ever. I was right on the edge of a strong current so the fish put up a good showing with some strong runs and good head shakes.

I kept on through the channels, casting the Skitterwalk, and got a couple more fish. Including one that brought it’sentire ehad out of the water when it chomped down on it. Then I saw one come up to it and turn and flip and totally freak out but not hit it. Then I realized that the water was getting shallower and I switched to my flyrod. At this time I was using my old Minn Kota trolling motor and standing on top of my Yeti cooler. I figured this would give me good visibility. It did… of the fish spooking as the prop of the motor would hit the sand. I was perplexed. I got out of the channel and back out onto a more open area with a big flat. I switched back to the Skitterwalk and almost immediately got another redfish. I also saw another fish with that one and realized that I needed to try flyfishing again. This time I kept the trolling motor put away and got out my old trusty Stiffy pushpole. This involves a complicated transferral of hands to push pole and rod when a fish is spotted, but you will see that it all come together on this day. Merely minutes later I saw a fish pushing minnows across the flat in about a foot of water. I eased on up towards it. I was able to just barely pick him out and laid a cast just past him. He saw the fly and rushed it then took off like a bonefish when he felt the hook! Awesome! Getting fish on topwater is fun but this is way better. I eased him on in and got a little video of his happiness when I released him:

Now it was game on. I noticed that a grass flat that is usually under three feet of water was about exposed and thought that might be a good place to check. It was. The fish were tailing on top of the turtle grass. Feeding on small shrimp or crabs. I spooked a couple before I finally put it all together. I actually had the push pole between my knees when I cast to this fish and he simply loved the little Critter Fly with the Flymen Fishing Company sculpin head:

It went on like this for the next two hours. I would spot a fish, switch the push pole to the fly rod, cast and the fish would happily slurp my fly. The water was amazingly clear and I could see everything as it happened. Since it was a big open flat, every fish took off into my backing.

I finished up with this fish and decided to get a selfie before I headed in as the tide had stopped moving and sometimes you have to decide when enough is enough. I had caught enough fish and was blessed to have had a day like I had:

What a day…


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