Wade fishing with flyrod in Beaufort, NC

Low tide at ten. Nice light and a chance to do some sight fishing. I figure with the cold front we have coming at the end of the week this could be my last chance. I got there a little late and could not get my boat onto my flat so I got out and waded. I walked the whole thing and didn’t see a fish. That gave me a bad feeling. Maybe the reds were not going to use this spot anymore this year. I was bummed. I walked back to where my boat was now sitting high and dry and I noticed there was a boat that had come into the channel next to the flat and was fishing for speckled trout, and catching them. It was an old friend so I just walked over and we chatted across the channel. Of course I cast a fly out there too:

I didn’t say they were monsters. I got 20 or so like this. A bite on every cast for a few minutes. I looked back to my flat and there was some action on the far end that I felt impelled to get a closer look at. As I got to within 50 yards I saw two tails waving seductively. This was what I was waiting for. I stalked closer and waited. Of course it got cloudy right at this particular moment so I cold not see anything. Then I picked up a little swirl and cast just to the side of it. Strip, little strip. Grab! Strike. Ruuuuuuunnnnnn. Yes.

It was really shallow.

Selfie with redfish.
After this the water got high quickly. I got in the boat and put on a jig and got this little flounder along with a few of its cousins (or at least that’s my assumption).

A Carolina Inshore Slam. So there’s that.


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