North Carolina boys head to The Land of Giants (Southern Louisiana)

I went with my buddy Pete to Venice this past weekend to find some big old red fish like we never see in the shallows in NC. We saw lots of fish and fished in challenging conditions with lots of wind, cloudy water and (on the second day) cloudy skies. We still managed to hook into some really nice reds including the second biggest one I’ve caught on fly.

This is what it looks like when a 20 lb redfish comes up to a fly

Coming tight

Fish on!

Happy Pete

My turn

Heading into the backing

Yeah Buddy!

Another yeah buddy but moreso!

Karmic retribution

Greg and Pete with friend

It was a great trip to an amazing place. I was doubly amazed by the amazing amount of avarian wildlife. I saw birds I never see around here and heard bird calls that I am pretty sure I have never heard before and I thought I was familiar with most of them in this country. The marshes around Venice are loaded with wildlife and of course redfish. I got the impression that a decent angler could catch slot sized redfish almost anywhere he wanted to look and the every time we drove past boats fishing for speckled trout they were hooked up. The real treasure is the extra large redfish. They are not every where and Greg and his crew have them dialed in. If you are looking for a shot at the biggest redfish you will ever catch on fly, this is the place to go.


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