A good time taking a good friend fishing

Scott and I coach lacrosse together. Today we went fishing together. It was cold over night and it even snowed. But it was supposed to be sunny and light breezes and I figured the sun would bring reds onto the flats to warm up. It was a chilly run across the bay to the creek but once we got there it warmed right up. I started poling the Copperhead along the shoreline ad wasn’t really seeing anything and was getting ready to leave when I saw a big boil and some fish smacking shrimp out in the middle. So what do you think I did? If you said “Go on over there,” you were right. And sure enough there they were. Scott made a perfect cast and he got to see his first redfish eat in 8 inches of water. We really loved seeing the fish in the clear shallow water. We ended up working the area for the next four hours and caught around 20 fish. All by sight fishing. He used a spinning rod with a DOA shrimp and I used y 8 wt with one of my Critter flies. We were around fish all the time and never waited too long for our next chance. Great day. Here are some pics:







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