Trout on spin, reds on fly-early Christmas present.

Met up with my buddy Chris this morning. It was going to be a high tide in the morning and falling out to a negative low. The plan was to fish for trout until the water got low enough to attempt to spot some reds in the shallows. First spot was a wash. Second spot however…game on. We were into trout on a pretty steady bite for an hour. Not monsters but they were of a size we could have kept them if we wanted. Then did a small move and got into some nicer fish of which two were invited home for a fish fry. After a bit the water got low enough that we could go to a certain flat I know to look for reds in the skinny. We started seeing them almost immediately. Chris and I would switch off poling and fishing quickly because when one would get hooked up the school would mill around. We did not get a true double hook up but it was pretty close a couple of time with back to back to back fish. These were all really pretty reds in the 28-30 inch range and ran plenty of fly line and into the backing. All in all a great day.







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