Oahu bonefishing with Hi Tide Flyfishing: Top eight things I learned (because ten is passé)


They can move fast but can be pretty careful when feeding. All the bites I got were when my fly was barely moving.
They don’t like it when your fly is anywhere but on the bottom. Actually saw a fish spook because my fly was coming up off the bottom.
Flies need to be heavier than you think because of above. They wanted the fly dragging on the bottom.
They don’t like it if you land too close. I made casts that would have been perfect for redfish that sent them heading for the ocean.
Did I mention that the fly needs to be on the bottom? Redfish will chase about anything that jumps in front of them because shrimp. Not these guys.
In fact forget everything you think you know about sight fishing when you go to Hawaii for bones (because you are). And just do everything Capt Jesse tells you. Long leads and soft casts.
It’s gonna be windy and you’ll be wading. Don’t bring cheap wading shoes because of the coral.

You probably won’t need to make many long casts but you’ll have to make only accurate ones.



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