Took a kid (and his Dad) fishing

Met up with my buddy Chris and his son Emerson the other day for a “Surfscursion” in Topsail Beach. With all the little trout around we thought that maybe we’d see some bigger ones on the beach and we just wanted to do something different too. We were accompanied on this journey by another buddy, I’ll call him Brendon (because that’s his name). We got down to Surf City and got all rigged up, which takes a while these days. I think my neoprene waders shrunk or something. There were two other guys working the beach when we got out but mainly we were greeted by this:


Just perfect

We started tossing our Mirrolures into the surf. A guy down the way caught a small one. Brendon got one too. Chris got a bluefish. I got a small trout. And this was the way it went. There were no bigger trout to be had. But we had fun hooking fish and letting Emerson bring them in.

Bring him in
Perfect father/son moment
E Dawg loves fishing

We all had s great time and are looking forward to doing it again. Thanks to Capt Chris at East Coast Sports in Surf City for the assist. 

Edit: E wrote an article about our trip 


Emerson is an aspiring outdoor writer



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