Albie chasing 

My brother, Eamon, is down for Thanksgiving. Naturally we went fishing today. False albacore was our target species. 

Albacore squad on fleek

We went with my buddy Scott and his son Griffin. We were stoked. 

I was giving Eamon, who is a very good trout angler, a quick demonstration when a albie exploded out of the water with my fly in its mouth. Less than 5 minutes out of the inlet and we had our first fish hooked up. In shallow water these fish will really go and I watched my backing fly off the reel and said “So… That’s kinda how you do it then…” 😜

Photo bomb by Griff

After numerous spinning rod hookups for Griffin and Scott..

Scott and Griff doing what they do

…we got a hookup for Eamon and it was a nice one 

And there was much rejoicing

Edit: I shot a video-Eamon’s Albie Quest


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