Tis the season for pond bass

The sun was out and it was warming me up a bit. I was walking carefully on the dam side. There is a slightly deeper spot and I could just make out the outline of a nice fish. When I see a fish shaped outline I will freeze and let the shape resolve itself. When I saw a fin quiver and the fish slowly cruised, then I knew. I plopped the copper Wooly Bugger and he slowly turned and followed it as it fell. I thought he ate it and snapped my line hand to set the hook. Nothin. Fish didn’t move and actually sort of looked around. I cast again and the same exact thing happened again. This time he appeared annoyed. I dropped it in there one more time and this time he came up and grabbed it almost immediately. I set the hook with a swipe from my line hand and the bass took off for the center of the pond with my hook in its jaw and my flyline in tow. He wanted to jump but it was too cold for him. I got him in. Popped the hook out and let him go on. He slipped out of my hand and moseyed on out from the bank with a slightly confused expression. I think…


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