Great night of tailing redfish action

We’d had this night marked on the calendar for months. My buddy Chris was in Tucson all week for work and a couple hours after he got home we were meeting up at the boat ramp. The tide was great for searching for tails and all we needed was a chance. 

I pulled into the spot and this is the sight that greeted us. Chris found the range and made a perfect cast. Old Red casually sidled over and slurped up the black deer hair crab with an audible pop. Then it was game on!

After getting clear of the thick grass it made a nice long run. We finally got the nice 27 incher to the boat.

…and there was much rejoicing.

Then it was my turn and I also enjoyed the result 

When I got home there was something else waiting for me

What a great evening. A great friend with great fishing and a great cocktail. Let’s do  it again!


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