Another great night of dock light action 

It might seem repetitive, but any time a style of fishing is as good as this has been lately, you tend to want to keep doing it. I hit the dock lights with my buddy Griffee @griffee11 . We pulled up and the fish were popping in the lights. It sounds like champagne corks being pulled. My first cast was with a size 4 Crease Fly. One grabbed it immediately. Redfish.

My next cast was an instant replay, except this guy had striped pajamas:

A couple more and this speckled trout decided he wanted his chance:

It slowed down after this and when the bite quit we went to another spot. That was a good idea because this Momma was there:

Pictures aren’t great but that’s close to five pounds. Got her on a size 4 Lazer Minnow with a Flymen  Fishing Co Fish Mask. My new Orvis Recon is a great rod and I was able to make the long casts I needed to in the dark with no problems.

We wrapped it up when the tide changed. Got to bed pretty late. It was worth it.


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