Rod review: Orvis Recon 

Over the past several months it became acutely necessary for me to get a couple of new fly rods (my old ones broke and I had them so long they could not be repaired). After looking around a bit I decided to go with the Orvis Recon series. They are pretty affordable for new fly rods and look nice too. It’s when you fish one you find out. It just gets the job done. I find them to be light enough to cast streamers over and over but beefy enough to get a popper “Over There”. 

I’m able to use my six weight for saltwater in speckled trout and slot sized redfish as well as bugging for largemouth bass. The eight weight handles the bigger flies I use for redfish in the wind and I’ve even caught under 10 lb false albacore with it. These are the rods I use most of the time and I am very pleased with them. I didn’t have to hold off on groceries that week I bought them either!


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