Go into the light (for trout and reds).

I got another couple nights of dock light fishing. Friday night was the classic scene of fish busting minnows on the surface and I fished with small poppers

Got a slam.

Also used size 4 streamers fished like wet flies.  

You can see the Lazer Minnow w/ Flymen Fishing Co. Fish Mask in the mouth of this 5 pounder.

Saturday night the fish weren’t on top so I fished a weighted fly using the Flymen Fishing Co. Sculpin head on a Shrimpy Critter and they liked that too.

My new Orvis Recon is a gem of a rod that doesn’t cost the same as a gem.

Tailing tides this week…

Another great night of dock light action 

It might seem repetitive, but any time a style of fishing is as good as this has been lately, you tend to want to keep doing it. I hit the dock lights with my buddy Griffee @griffee11 . We pulled up and the fish were popping in the lights. It sounds like champagne corks being pulled. My first cast was with a size 4 Crease Fly. One grabbed it immediately. Redfish.

My next cast was an instant replay, except this guy had striped pajamas:

A couple more and this speckled trout decided he wanted his chance:

It slowed down after this and when the bite quit we went to another spot. That was a good idea because this Momma was there:

Pictures aren’t great but that’s close to five pounds. Got her on a size 4 Lazer Minnow with a Flymen  Fishing Co Fish Mask. My new Orvis Recon is a great rod and I was able to make the long casts I needed to in the dark with no problems.

We wrapped it up when the tide changed. Got to bed pretty late. It was worth it.

Working on the night moves

I usually don’t start doing this until later in summer but I heard some stories so off I went. Yeah it was a good idea. That shiny object in the top photo is a 4.5 lb speck and we caught them non stop for three hours in the middle of the darkest night. If you haven’t done it I recommend it. I even wrote about it in my book that you may have heard about…. hint, hint 😉

Bass time

Ponds and lakes are warming up and most fish are in pre spawn mode and ready to attack poppers:

I saw this guy enjoying the sunrise and he nailed my Flymen Fishing Co popper before I even moved it.

You also may see some larger fish in really shallow:

This guy,who I’m saying was 4.5 lbs, was behind a tree. I hid behind it and dropped a backhander alongside his eye.and he attacked. 

Here’s to bass!

February 19- Actual fishing report!

I actually went fishing today! I know, amazing right? Hooked up with my buddy Pete at his place. He was in the fish yesterday and the word “guaranteed” was used. He wasn’t lying!

The tide was way out so we strapped on waders and got after them:

We probably caught something around 50 with most in the 20 inch range and a couple bigger ones for fun:

Here’s a quick video of Pete getting it done: