Tale of tails

Got out on the high tide yesterday. It stormed like crazy all afternoon but it dropped off at just the right time. Chris and I dropped the boat in a likely spot and decided to wade. Didn’t take too long and we were seeing wavers. Chris got the first one he casted to and it was game on from there. We each caught two. We each missed a couple. Basically we were around fish for three hours. It was an amazing evening. Here’s a link to the video I made Redfish Tails

I hope you like it

Hot weather fishing

With all the fancy material to make fishing shirts these days I don’t wear much cotton when it gets hot. Recently I got a pocket T shirt from Marsh Wear and it was so comfortable out of the box that I just left it when we went out to a local bass pond. 

Oh yeah I also got one of their cool trucker hats. 

As you an see it was hot as an oven but we still caught a couple fish but more interestingly, even though I was sweating a lot, I never felt sticky or uncomfortable. It was then I realized there was something about this shirt. I had to check again to see if it was cotton. Yup. 100%. Great work guys. 


Trip up north- fishing and stuff

I traveled to Syracuse last week to spend some Q time with my father. Overall intent of said trip was to spend a week at a lodge on a lake in Ontario. We definitely did that but there was other stuff as well. 

We hit some walleye on Oneida Lake. As well as picking at some bass around the shoreline 

I forgot how pretty pumpkinseed sunfish are:

I hit a small stream east of town. Not much was happening with the trout there but that does not mean I didn’t enjoy it.

Then we went up north to Fernleigh Lodge on Lake Kashwamakak (yeah I know, right). We got there in the middle of a heat wave but I managed to fool a nice largemouth on a 4 wt flyrod while poking around on the dock.

Then I settled into an early morning pattern with topwaters in the early morning and evenings and deep water fishing during the middle part of the day     

After a week we went back to Cuse and I had one magical evening on a creek west of Syracuse. I picked up some flies at Mickeys Tackle Shop in North Syracuse and put them to use that evening. I caught a bunch of trout on a size 16 Elk Hair Caddis and finished with this beauty 

I actually stayed below the Posted sign and dropped it under the low hanging branch.

Now we’re home waiting for the next redfish tide.

Great night of tailing redfish action

We’d had this night marked on the calendar for months. My buddy Chris was in Tucson all week for work and a couple hours after he got home we were meeting up at the boat ramp. The tide was great for searching for tails and all we needed was a chance. 

I pulled into the spot and this is the sight that greeted us. Chris found the range and made a perfect cast. Old Red casually sidled over and slurped up the black deer hair crab with an audible pop. Then it was game on!

After getting clear of the thick grass it made a nice long run. We finally got the nice 27 incher to the boat.

…and there was much rejoicing.

Then it was my turn and I also enjoyed the result 

When I got home there was something else waiting for me

What a great evening. A great friend with great fishing and a great cocktail. Let’s do  it again!

Memorial Bass

My daughter caught this bass that I’m saying is six pounds, from a pond that Carl Lewis probably could have jumped over.

She was using a 5 inch Senko worm rigged Texas style with a slight bend. I was massing around with my fly rod and had caught a couple fish:

She started hollering , “Dad, help!” I looked up up and saw her little ultra light spinning rod bent right to the water. Then the fish jumped and I dropped what I was doing and ran as fast as I could in flip flops. Got some photos and I got the fish back in and we were so excited we did a little dance right there on the green! 

Also, this happened: