Was supposed to go bonito fishing

Got up yesterday morning and the wind was a thing. Cold too. Ended up looking for (and finding no) reds with Pete. Today I am otherwise occupied so check out the photo I just received from my great friend 

Yup, he went fishing today again and yes that is, indeed, an Atlantic Bonito. Sarda Sarda if you are a taxonomist. Figures.

Back to the bass ponds

I was hoping to go in the ocean for bonito but the wind is not cooperating. So I took Ella for some pond hopping last night. Within five minutes she got this :

She’s keep getting better at this. 

I noticed frogs jumping off the banks for the first time this spring so I switched to a popper. Good decision:

This one pushed a wake as it charged from 20 feet away: 

Notice that the pond is barely a long cast across from one side to the other. Never underestimate a given body of waters potential to hold a nice sized fish.

My daughter’s big bass

I tied on a Zman Zinkerz worm in the Junebug color and told her “Cast it in that open spot.” She was reeling it along slowly when her rod bent over double. I was able to get this still image from a video I shot from my smart phone. I knew immediately this was much bigger than the 14 incher she’d caught  earlier. 
I’m gonna say it was 5 pounds. Then she says to me, ” Now I want to catch a tarpon.” My girl.  

Bass warming up

I saw this guy lollygagging near a sunny spot. It was a slight cut out in a weedy basin. I put my fly into the only available opening and bumped it a little. This dude came right over and put his nose in it and just sort of hung there. Waiting for whatever sign these guys wait for. I gave the fly a slight wiggle and it must have been the right sign because that bucket of a mouth opened up and the fly dissapeared. When I set the hook he stuck his face out of the water and shook. I had already lost a nice fish that way so I thought that would be that. But he stayed pinned and I was able to maneuver him through the weeds for this lovely photo.

BTW my hands are yooge. Believe me there is no problem in that department.

Tis the season for pond bass

The sun was out and it was warming me up a bit. I was walking carefully on the dam side. There is a slightly deeper spot and I could just make out the outline of a nice fish. When I see a fish shaped outline I will freeze and let the shape resolve itself. When I saw a fin quiver and the fish slowly cruised, then I knew. I plopped the copper Wooly Bugger and he slowly turned and followed it as it fell. I thought he ate it and snapped my line hand to set the hook. Nothin. Fish didn’t move and actually sort of looked around. I cast again and the same exact thing happened again. This time he appeared annoyed. I dropped it in there one more time and this time he came up and grabbed it almost immediately. I set the hook with a swipe from my line hand and the bass took off for the center of the pond with my hook in its jaw and my flyline in tow. He wanted to jump but it was too cold for him. I got him in. Popped the hook out and let him go on. He slipped out of my hand and moseyed on out from the bank with a slightly confused expression. I think…