Albie chasing 

My brother, Eamon, is down for Thanksgiving. Naturally we went fishing today. False albacore was our target species. 

Albacore squad on fleek

We went with my buddy Scott and his son Griffin. We were stoked. 

I was giving Eamon, who is a very good trout angler, a quick demonstration when a albie exploded out of the water with my fly in its mouth. Less than 5 minutes out of the inlet and we had our first fish hooked up. In shallow water these fish will really go and I watched my backing fly off the reel and said “So… That’s kinda how you do it then…” 😜

Photo bomb by Griff

After numerous spinning rod hookups for Griffin and Scott..

Scott and Griff doing what they do

…we got a hookup for Eamon and it was a nice one 

And there was much rejoicing

Edit: I shot a video-Eamon’s Albie Quest

Took a kid (and his Dad) fishing

Met up with my buddy Chris and his son Emerson the other day for a “Surfscursion” in Topsail Beach. With all the little trout around we thought that maybe we’d see some bigger ones on the beach and we just wanted to do something different too. We were accompanied on this journey by another buddy, I’ll call him Brendon (because that’s his name). We got down to Surf City and got all rigged up, which takes a while these days. I think my neoprene waders shrunk or something. There were two other guys working the beach when we got out but mainly we were greeted by this:


Just perfect

We started tossing our Mirrolures into the surf. A guy down the way caught a small one. Brendon got one too. Chris got a bluefish. I got a small trout. And this was the way it went. There were no bigger trout to be had. But we had fun hooking fish and letting Emerson bring them in.

Bring him in
Perfect father/son moment
E Dawg loves fishing

We all had s great time and are looking forward to doing it again. Thanks to Capt Chris at East Coast Sports in Surf City for the assist. 

Edit: E wrote an article about our trip 


Emerson is an aspiring outdoor writer


Dead turtle

In case you can’t tell that turtle isn’t sleeping or having a kip after a good squawk, that is an EX turtle. I found him floating near the western end of Harkers Island, on the incoming tide, which put it down tide of numerous sets of gills nets and pound nets. You can make whatever assumptions you wish as to the cause of its demise, or make none at all, but I figure it drowned by being held under water by a man made device. A net of some variety is the only thing that fits this story given where it was found. Poor little dude.

Here’s a quick vid clip to make it more clear.

Daughter trout day

Brought my daughter back to the same spot I went yesterday. Only problem was Barney had parked his boat directly on top of The Spot. He was literally anchored directly in the spot we had been casting to. I made this clear a couple times by casting right at his motor and catching a fish under his boat. But we caught plenty of little trout and had a good time anyway. 


shes not actually eating the DOA I swear
You know how the glare on the viewfinder makes it tough to see? Yeah…