Going to get cold here but…

Statement as of 4:39 PM EST on January 06, 2014

… Bitter cold expected tonight and Tuesday…

With some of the coldest temperatures in several years expected
across eastern North Carolina tonight and Tuesday… residents
should take precautions to prepare for the cold weather.

Temperatures will drop into the teens over most areas tonight with
wind chill temperatures close to zero by early Tuesday morning.
High temperatures Tuesday will likely remain below freezing

Prolonged exposure to this kind of wind and cold is dangerous and
should be taken seriously. Ensure that the elderly… pets and
water pipes are properly protected. If venturing outside… wear
layers of clothing… a hat and gloves.

Temperatures will return to near normal values later in the week.

…that last sentence is why I moved down here over 18 years ago. Going to be in the 60’s by the end of the week and the red fish will be right back where I left them doing what they have been doing the last month or so. Beats the heck out of ice fishing any day of any week that ever was.

Dogs that point, fish that bite…

Spent a couple days bird hunting and even got to go fishing one day this past week.

Here’s Murphy on point on a quail. Picture quality is odd because I used my iPhone and had to zoom in. He did a good job and I even got,a couple birds.

As you can see by this pic we had one nice day of super calm conditions. I went with my buddy Chris and we found schools of redfish on the low tide and were able to sight them in the clear water. It was a great day!

This fish had an attitude. I saw a slight swirl. Cast over to it and this guy nailed it on the run and kept on going. Well into the backing and was very stubborn about coming to the boat. I kissed him on the head before I let him go.

Short video clip and report from 12/13 redfish trip

Met up with my buddy Scott to see if those reds and trout would still bite after the little cold shot we had. Started out a little later then we wanted to because of the frost on my boat. We managed to find a nice trout bite for an hour or so. We caught ten or so and got five nice fish in the 2-3 lb range and those got invited home with us.


We then went over to the redfish flat and after a little looking around we found them. In the short video there is a short shot of seemingly open water, if you look closely you can see the school moving up to us. I wasn’t sure it was coming out so I didn’t shoot very much but should have. It was a nice big school with some very healthy fish that were stubborn about coming to the boat and make long runs against the drag. We caught a bunch of fish on spin and fly. Good day!

Frosty Morn Redfish video

Trout on spin, reds on fly-early Christmas present.

Met up with my buddy Chris this morning. It was going to be a high tide in the morning and falling out to a negative low. The plan was to fish for trout until the water got low enough to attempt to spot some reds in the shallows. First spot was a wash. Second spot however…game on. We were into trout on a pretty steady bite for an hour. Not monsters but they were of a size we could have kept them if we wanted. Then did a small move and got into some nicer fish of which two were invited home for a fish fry. After a bit the water got low enough that we could go to a certain flat I know to look for reds in the skinny. We started seeing them almost immediately. Chris and I would switch off poling and fishing quickly because when one would get hooked up the school would mill around. We did not get a true double hook up but it was pretty close a couple of time with back to back to back fish. These were all really pretty reds in the 28-30 inch range and ran plenty of fly line and into the backing. All in all a great day.






A good time taking a good friend fishing

Scott and I coach lacrosse together. Today we went fishing together. It was cold over night and it even snowed. But it was supposed to be sunny and light breezes and I figured the sun would bring reds onto the flats to warm up. It was a chilly run across the bay to the creek but once we got there it warmed right up. I started poling the Copperhead along the shoreline ad wasn’t really seeing anything and was getting ready to leave when I saw a big boil and some fish smacking shrimp out in the middle. So what do you think I did? If you said “Go on over there,” you were right. And sure enough there they were. Scott made a perfect cast and he got to see his first redfish eat in 8 inches of water. We really loved seeing the fish in the clear shallow water. We ended up working the area for the next four hours and caught around 20 fish. All by sight fishing. He used a spinning rod with a DOA shrimp and I used y 8 wt with one of my Critter flies. We were around fish all the time and never waited too long for our next chance. Great day. Here are some pics:






North Carolina boys head to The Land of Giants (Southern Louisiana)

I went with my buddy Pete to Venice this past weekend to find some big old red fish like we never see in the shallows in NC. We saw lots of fish and fished in challenging conditions with lots of wind, cloudy water and (on the second day) cloudy skies. We still managed to hook into some really nice reds including the second biggest one I’ve caught on fly.

This is what it looks like when a 20 lb redfish comes up to a fly

Coming tight

Fish on!

Happy Pete

My turn

Heading into the backing

Yeah Buddy!

Another yeah buddy but moreso!

Karmic retribution

Greg and Pete with friend

It was a great trip to an amazing place. I was doubly amazed by the amazing amount of avarian wildlife. I saw birds I never see around here and heard bird calls that I am pretty sure I have never heard before and I thought I was familiar with most of them in this country. The marshes around Venice are loaded with wildlife and of course redfish. I got the impression that a decent angler could catch slot sized redfish almost anywhere he wanted to look and the every time we drove past boats fishing for speckled trout they were hooked up. The real treasure is the extra large redfish. They are not every where and Greg and his crew have them dialed in. If you are looking for a shot at the biggest redfish you will ever catch on fly, this is the place to go.

Wade fishing with flyrod in Beaufort, NC

Low tide at ten. Nice light and a chance to do some sight fishing. I figure with the cold front we have coming at the end of the week this could be my last chance. I got there a little late and could not get my boat onto my flat so I got out and waded. I walked the whole thing and didn’t see a fish. That gave me a bad feeling. Maybe the reds were not going to use this spot anymore this year. I was bummed. I walked back to where my boat was now sitting high and dry and I noticed there was a boat that had come into the channel next to the flat and was fishing for speckled trout, and catching them. It was an old friend so I just walked over and we chatted across the channel. Of course I cast a fly out there too:

I didn’t say they were monsters. I got 20 or so like this. A bite on every cast for a few minutes. I looked back to my flat and there was some action on the far end that I felt impelled to get a closer look at. As I got to within 50 yards I saw two tails waving seductively. This was what I was waiting for. I stalked closer and waited. Of course it got cloudy right at this particular moment so I cold not see anything. Then I picked up a little swirl and cast just to the side of it. Strip, little strip. Grab! Strike. Ruuuuuuunnnnnn. Yes.

It was really shallow.

Selfie with redfish.
After this the water got high quickly. I got in the boat and put on a jig and got this little flounder along with a few of its cousins (or at least that’s my assumption).

A Carolina Inshore Slam. So there’s that.