Big spring NC bonito

It was a beautiful sunrise in Atlantic Beach, NC before we headed out. Couldn’t really ask for a nicer morning.

We got out there and saw a cloud of birds diving before we even got to the spot.

This ended up being the biggest bonito I have caught. He was a determined fighter and resisted me all the way to the boat, even after several nice long runs. I’m saying 8 pounds. This one joined us at home that evening after a visit to my grill and a bath in lemon butter.

Was supposed to go bonito fishing

Got up yesterday morning and the wind was a thing. Cold too. Ended up looking for (and finding no) reds with Pete. Today I am otherwise occupied so check out the photo I just received from my great friend 

Yup, he went fishing today again and yes that is, indeed, an Atlantic Bonito. Sarda Sarda if you are a taxonomist. Figures.

Back to the bass ponds

I was hoping to go in the ocean for bonito but the wind is not cooperating. So I took Ella for some pond hopping last night. Within five minutes she got this :

She’s keep getting better at this. 

I noticed frogs jumping off the banks for the first time this spring so I switched to a popper. Good decision:

This one pushed a wake as it charged from 20 feet away: 

Notice that the pond is barely a long cast across from one side to the other. Never underestimate a given body of waters potential to hold a nice sized fish.

My daughter’s big bass

I tied on a Zman Zinkerz worm in the Junebug color and told her “Cast it in that open spot.” She was reeling it along slowly when her rod bent over double. I was able to get this still image from a video I shot from my smart phone. I knew immediately this was much bigger than the 14 incher she’d caught  earlier. 
I’m gonna say it was 5 pounds. Then she says to me, ” Now I want to catch a tarpon.” My girl.